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Carpet tiles, also known as carpet squares or modular carpet, are a modern and stylish alternative to standard carpet rolls. Though they're much easier for a do-it-yourselfer to install on their own. Carpeting and carpet tiles are beneficial for health in many ways. The space sounds less hollow, cold rises less quickly, there is a reduced risk of slipping, the soft surface is kind to your joints and carpeting traps dust particles. Carpeting is also highly suitable for asthma patients and for people who suffer from allergies.

Because carpeting absorbs airborne dust particles, the air inside the house stays cleaner. As opposed to hard floors, where dust and dirt become swirl up much more easily. An independent study, performed by the German allergy and asthma association, has demonstrated that the air in rooms with smooth floors contains almost twice as much fine dust particles as the air in rooms fitted with carpeting or carpet tiles.

Advantages of Carpet Tiles

Carpet tiles have a number of attractive advantages in comparison to hard flooring. We have listed these advantages for you below :

  • Comfortable and cosy
  • Improved sound-proofing
  • Improved acoustics
  • Improved interior climate and air quality
  • Safe – reduced risk of slipping
  • Provides thermal insulation - saves energy
  • Suitable for every room in the house
  • Easy to maintain
  • Wear-resistant and highly durable -cost-effective
  • Easy to change
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Can be combined almost infinitely to produce an extensive collection of patterns, textures and colours.
Carpet Tiles