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  1. Desk Top Screens

    CODE: 0220

    1600 x 350 Aluminium Desk Top Screen. Learn More
  2. Glass Etched Desk Top Screens

    CODE: 0221

    1600 x 350 Glass Etched Desk Top Screen. Learn More
  3. Electrical Stand

    CODE: 0238

    quality frosted glass shelved electrical stand HIRE ONLY Learn More
  4. F/Standing Photocopiers

    CODE: 0248

    Selection of Floor-Standing Photocopiers. Hire Only Learn More
  5. Carousel Stand

    CODE: 0250

    3 Tier Lever Arch Carousel Stand and Files Learn More
  6. Water Coolers & Bottles

    CODE: 0255

    Selection of Water Coolers Learn More
  7. Display stands

    CODE: 0257

    Pamphlets Display Stands Learn More
  8. Welcome Display Stands

    CODE: 0258

    Welcome display Stands HIRE ONLY Learn More
  9. Comms Cabinets

    CODE: 0263

    Comms Cabinet with glazed door Learn More
  10. Key Cabinets

    CODE: 0265

    Grey Single/Double door key cabinets with keys.HIRE ONLY Learn More
  11. Vending Machines

    CODE: 0266

    Large Floor Standing Drink Venders non pract. HIRE ONLY Learn More
  12. Wall Clocks

    CODE: 0267

    collection of wall clocks Learn More
  13. Drink Fountains

    CODE: 0268

    Drink Fountains HIRE ONLY Learn More
  14. Pictures in Frame

    CODE: 0284

  15. Pictures

    CODE: 0285

    Large Red Rose Hire Only Learn More
  16. Pictures

    CODE: 0286

    Large Magnetic World Map. Hire Only Learn More
  17. Pictures

    CODE: 0287

    3 Blue Architectural Prints Hire Only Learn More
  18. Pictures

    CODE: 0288

    Framed Glazed Blue Abstract.Hire Only Learn More
  19. Pictures

    CODE: 0289

    Large Framed Glazed Blue Abstract. Hire Only Learn More
  20. Framed Pictures

    CODE: 0304

    framed Animal Photographs Learn More
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Items 1-20 of 125

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