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Office Furniture Recycling

Since 2001, Park Royal Office Furniture has been Recycling used Office furniture from it's 25000 sq ft warehouse in London NW10 Call us Today on 020 8838 1500.


Office Furniture and IT Equipment Recycling

Today, it is no longer a choice to select the green path for disposing of your redundant office furniture and IT equipment; it is a necessity. Park Royal Office Furniture has developed a series of cost effective options to keep your organisation green and responsible.

Disposal options for office furniture and IT equipment

Environmental solutions are rarely the cheapest, however by working with UK-wide partners, we have identified a number of environmental routes. The choice is all dependent on the quality of your redundant office furniture, IT and electrical equipment. We can provide a totally managed solution to sell, donate or recycle your unwanted items, relieving you of this time-absorbing task.

Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment disposal

We are able to offer complete peace of mind when it comes to disposing and recycling your IT and electrical items. Using DEFRA guidance on Best Available Treatment, Recovering and Recycling Techniques (BATRRT) and treatment of WEEE, all materials received are processed using such techniques with additional advanced processes developed in-house through research, experience and solid industry knowledge.

Corporate social responsibility

A key feature of our environmental service is to ensure that your organisation's corporate social responsibility (CSR) is maintained to your high standard. The public, your employees, neighbourhood and customers would expect nothing less of you. We ensure each item will be traceable to its point of sale, charitable donation or recycling destination. Clearly there are also PR opportunities to be gained by keeping environmentally friendly, and we can help you take advantage of them while helping the environment, and we're happy to provide you with the information you need to promote or report on your disposal activity.

A clear audit trail

Where disposal is the only option, Park Royal Office Furniture uses a number of recycling options including metal recyclers, wood chip companies and other specialist recyclers. Each item is separated into its component form and recycled accordingly with nothing going to landfill. Whichever option is necessary to complete the project, each part of the process is documented and audited by our team, to ensure that your organisation has a complete audit trail of the disposal option for each item. This can be retained by you should an audit be needed in the future.

How can we help dispose of your unwanted office furniture or IT equipment?

Corporate social responsibility advice - let us help you to recycle, reuse, donate, and responsibly dispose of your redundant stock. Contact us on 020 8838 1500 and speak with one of our experts.