10 mistakes people make while buying office furniture Buying office furniture is one of the delicate decisions every business owner must take. It is a practice which goes far beyond aesthetics. A number of factors come into play while buying used or new office furniture. Surprisingly, most of the people make some mistakes while purchasing the furniture for their office even after being informed about them. So here are some common mistakes that you must avoid:

Buying Without Planning Office Layouts:

Rule of the thumb is; if you are not aware with your requirements, you can never make a good decision. Same applies while buying office furniture whether it is new or used office furniture. Having a clear plan in your mind enables you making the most informed decision as it keeps you on the track. You must analyse what your requirements are and you should also analyse what fits your needs and what not.

Underestimating employee’s seating comfort:

Remember one thing; your employees are those going to use the furniture you buy. Some people give appearance a higher priority than comfort. Comfort gets converted to productivity. Countered & adjustable seats, lumbar backrest supports and armrest minimize work related injuries and keep your employees fit and comfy.

Selecting the wrong office chair fabrics:

Used office furniture can be given a royal touch with proper fabric. If cleanliness is paramount, the best choice can be wipe-able vinyl, which is perfect for areas where stains are more prevalent. If your furniture needs to sustain heavy use, you may go with tailor-made fabrics such as Crypton. Selection of fabrics also depends upon the area where your furniture will be used. For instance, leather remains the most sought-after fabric for executive suites, conference rooms and guest areas.

Buying something that doesn’t fit with the task:

A single pair of shoes doesn’t fit all foots, and same is the case with used or new office furniture. Not everyone has the same build and body and thus requires a chair which fits with his/her shape. For instance, a desk chair which rates for people weighing up to 200 pounds will be problematic for those weighing higher than that. I do accept that it is not possible you buy specific furniture for every employee, but you can buy chairs in different sizes.

Choosing price over quality:

There is nothing wrong with saving some bucks while purchasing, but compromising with quality can lead to a substantial financial disaster in the long run. Office furniture is something which you will use every single day, and you must keep this thing in mind that purchasing something of low quality may ultimately result in poor performance. If something of higher quality is available by spending some extra bucks, you must always go with that.

Not keeping future in mind:

Currently, your employees may have just a computer on their desk, but they will have some other accessories in future. If you look for the present only and buy a smaller office desk which can accommodate just a computer, you may need to buy another desk very soon to for the printers, PDAs and other related accessories.
Keep the future expansion in mind; it will save you some good amount of money.

Not coordinating with your financial restrictions:

If your financial department depreciates major furniture purchase in next ten years, still you buy items with a five-year warranty, you may need to replace them sooner than your budget will allow. Purchase quality work at present will cost you some extra bucks, but it will keep you financially healthy for a longer time.

Not calculating additional charges:

“Prices on paper are greater than they appear”. Many people go with the base price of new office furniture while entering a shop and end up screaming when they have paid higher than the expectations. Remember one thing; ownership charges are always higher than base price as some additional costs, taxes, packaging and delivery charges are included with them. Make a clear budget plan for your purchase but keep it flexible, as sometimes you may end up buying lower quality products after watching the expenses going out of your budget.

Not keeping records with the dealer:

This can be both time saving and cost saving. When you purchase something from a dealer, ask him to keep a record of your purchase so that you can make your next purchase with comfort and ease. It does not only save you the precious time but also saves you few bucks as your dealer instantly recognises you and gives you unique treatment.

Not asking for post-purchase support:

Everything in the world needs maintenance, so is the office furniture. Be it used office furniture of a new one, and you need the post-purchase support to ensure a long life of the same. If you have some warranty on your purchase, it is particularly more significant. Post-purchase support provides you get the bugs fixed without any hassle.