Some tips to consider when buying new or second hand office furniture
Starting a new business requires a lot of things to take care of. First thing required is finding an ideal place to setup then comes the buying of the office furniture. Starting a new business is a costly venture, thus most entrepreneurs seek ways of saving money. Buying second hand office furniture can be a good choice as it does not only save you a good amount of money but also keeps you away from financial losses.

Matters not if you are starting a new office; moving your office or just upgrading your existing office furniture, here are some points you might like to consider before buying your next office furnishings:

1. Budget

Clearly the most important factor to consider, ask yourself: how much you are willing to spend on office furniture. This decisive factor coupled with quality and quantity makes it possible to set out and start buying your second hand office furniture. Staying in budget is crutial look around for best office furniture deals.

2. Space

Your office space dictates everything regarding dimensions of the used office furniture or new office furniture you are going to buy. If you have a smaller office with few employees, purchasing larger co-working/share desking can be the right choice for you. Having more employees and a larger space to plan for allows you little more flexibility and of course buy individual work-tables, pedestals and desks.

3. Comfort

New furniture or second-hand office furniture both drive the question of comfort vs price. Take care of the comfort angle of thinking – your employees’ comfort is extremely important.

4. Cleanliness

Keeping your workplace neat and clean helps improve the productivity of your employees. Maintaining the cleanliness of second hand office furniture can be a tedious task. While buying replacement or new office furniture try to select products that are easy-to-clean.

5. Aesthetic

Colours and looks sets a great mood for the office environment. Colour coordination of office can have a very positive effecting the working atmosphere – a consistent scheme of office furniture creates calmness and synergy amidst your treasured employees.

6. Office Desks

The office desk is the place where an employee spends most of his or her working hours with you. Therefore do everything in your power to select one that is comfortable, functional and large enough. There should be adequate leg space so that the employees can sit without any discomfort.

7. Office Chairs

Absolutely the most important consideration is the Office Chair. The must be comfortable and fully adjustable office to make sure your employees relaxed and comfortable. The office chairs need to look good too.

8. Workspace Storage

Buying workplace storage and filing systems area is very important or you’ll be overrun with office clutter in no time. Plus of course your valuable office records require secure storage. Filing cabinets, pedestals or book cases will help you organise your office. It is best to consider if you need a safe for valuables or not.

9. Electronics

Office furniture, office desks in particular have to be cable friendly meaning of course that all desk surfaces are clear of power cables and data leads that can easily be damaged during busy office use.

10. Cubicle Dividers

You should provide your employees sound absorbing desk panel dividers for privacy and to enable people to get on with telephone calls and demanding work schedules.

We hope these few points help you while looking at buying second hand or new office furniture and you may well considering some or all of the points get your office off to a great start.